En meditativ tekst jeg skrev til trommeseremonien "celebrating mother earth" i bendiksbukta 2005 på Christiansand protestfestival. Om jordens erfaring og vår ferd fra begynnelsen til i dag. Til jorden, for healing.
(På linken "kunst" på natursiden kan du på linken "land-art projects", også følge et sted i Oslo fra tidenes morgen i en av mine kunsprosjekt. I en litt annen setting/research, Fra 1992)

A meditation text I wrote to the "celebrating mother earth" drum healing ceremony in 2005 . About the earths experience and our journey from her beginning until today. In honour of the earth for healing purposes.:
On the link "kunst" on the naturpage-and the link "land-art projects" you can also follow a place in Oslo from the beginning of time from an exhibition in 1992. In an other setting/texture through own research.
Jeg har skrevet mange tekster om dyr og natur, i artikler, i noah´s ark, avisdebatter, poetisk og prosaisk.
Min roman
"soldans: evig reisende" har og endel fokus på miljø.

I have written about nature and animals in articles, newsdebates and in more poetic and prosaic ways.
One of my novels
"The suns dance: Eternal travellers" , do also have some focus on nature related material.

"A walk and journey with our mother back to her birth"

© Hilde Aga Brun 2006

"Born out of the womb of the universe. An enormous body of burning, living energy of fire. The big well inside is still heating and nourishing us from inside. Still pulsating, beating as a big heart.
Feel how she passed down the fire to you. Feel the fire in your own heart. The red blood passed down through her veins. To all. You are created through her. All living beings own a spark of our mother. Feel how you are a part of fire. How it nourishes you every day. Fuels your life, gives energy, life and action to create, love and take part of life.

The earth continued developing, she started taking on more form, shaping more solid layers. Strength built up, and endurance. Mountains and solid grounds. Passed down to us, her children. The strength of our bones, our strong solid forms, our inheritance, our gift. A common inheritance with all our brothers and sisters of nature. Feel the familiarity and connection with your mothers shape and strength. Your own and all the different manifestations of it in your siblings in the sea, in the plantrealm, amongst the fourleggeds, noleggeds, two leggeds and thousand leggeds with all different protections and strenghts all coming from our shared mother.

As our mother started forming, so did the atmosphere around her. The winds started dancing around the big baby´s body. The breath of life started dancing with her. Connect with her. Feel the wind dance around her body, just as it has continued its dance and still dances around you today. Feel how this breath of life connects with the universe, the spirit of all beings and how it keeps you connected with all life. Your body connected with all existing life. Feel how every little being breathes in its own way by the blessing of our shared caretaker of life, the air around us all.
Take some time to just connect with the big breathing of our mother. Feel her closeness to us. You can feel her being breathing close to you, and together with you. The wind helps spread her life throughout her body. Hear your mothers voice whisper to you, the air carrying her messages. Feel our mothers hug, closeness to you, spreading life throughout, sharing the breath all together.

As the atmosphere started building up around her, her waters started to fill up with humidity, fertilizing her body. Her cradles started forming, oceans, lakes , ponds, preparing to produce life. With its cleansing, healing and life giving, fertilizing properties. And mother earth started expanding, The cradle of the ocean, the lakes, the ponds meets the heat of the fertilizing sun and we her many children starts forming. The rivers stretch out around her body, spreading nourishment. Feel how she passed down the rivers to your bodies. Feel the rivers and lakes inside you, feeding you with all you need to be strong and healthy. Feel your connection with all creatures, how we are build up so similar to our mother that created us. Our salt tears, her salt oceans cleansing us. Her salt waters protecting and caring for us. Our own water caring for us. Surrounding our babies in our wombs.

Our mother the earth is loved by her lover the sun. Their love creates her many children. The sun inspires her, makes her thrive, makes her happy and fertile just like us. They are creating life and babies together every day.
Surrounding our mother is a thin layer of protection. This thin shield of protection between them that she needs to feel good and be in balance. And to protect all her life, all her children. We children must take part in sustaining this small protection that is so essential to keep her and us alive. The ozon layer.
We must respect that layer of protection in all beings around us. Share with and love all beings but with the respect, the thin layer that sustain our balance. We are perfect beings when in balance, so is our mother and her love with her lover, the sun. So honour our mother, and all our relations. We are all related. See yourself reflected in all there is. It is all a part of you.
Also recognise her weather reflected in you. Your mothers emotions reflected. Her thunderstorms, your storms, her rain, your rain, her sunny days, your sunny days. We are this whole connected being reflecting each other.
Feel how you are one with all the different layers of your mother, connected in spirit, in body, in thoughts. We are the caretakers of our mother. Our ancient mother needs a lot of respect. I want to invite all of you my sisters and brothers here tonight to show our mother how you appreciate her constant caring hands. Feel her hugging you at this moment. Give her a big hug back to show you have not forgot about her and all your little brothers and sisters sharing her caring and sometimes aching body. We can make her happy again with our gratitude and loving care. I would like us to drum for her together a song for celebrating our great life provider, our mother. Let us help give her peace. Peace in her soul, in her heart, the waters, her atmosphere and her body. Help her clean her toxins and honour our relations."

Hilde Aga Brun ©2005 Without nature nothing. Take care of nature and nature takes care of you.

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