Look into the mirror of nature • A complete box of 60 Artcards for reflection and insight • By Hilde Aga Brun©

        Cover of the box

        Pattern on the back

Make use of the cards in any creative, intuitive way you feel. Tips for use:
The cards are there for you yourself to inspireyour own reflection, to learn to tune in with nature. There are no "fasits" beyond the card itself to interpretations. There are more info on using the cards in the folder in the box.

Reflect on a chosen card, during the day
. Open to be touched, inspired, awakened, balanced, grounded, reminded by nature.



Hilde Aga Brun 2014©


Creating the cards: The cards are a thank you to nature. A synthesis of my nature related art, involvement in nature conservation and intuitive, existencial work over many years 


For tuning in with and finding insights through nature´s wise ways. • Reconnect with the natural • wisdom of our universe
• To meditate and merge with energies of earth and the creativ
e lifeflow. As guidance cards, from natures perspective
Strengthen natural intuition Find comfort in trusting life processes and the natural laws of the universe


About the cards: I recycled my artworks into reflection cards in 2013/14 when living in Denmark. Printed locally, on FSC certified sustainable made paper. Boxes made in England from recycled material. The cards have a matt cache layer on the front, for protection. Inside the box is a leaflet for inspiration to ways of using the cards. English text. On the back of all cards I created a hexagon pattern. A life giving form in nature & symbol of life through bees.


I have a limited edition of the boxes with 60 cards available. For 700 kroner/60 £/92$

You can buy them on www.hildeagabrun.art / butikk