"Housing of nature spirits". My work for the exhibit RE-ART t(W)oo
www.rearthalle.de Ihlienworth, Germany 3.aug -19.oktober 2013

 housing of nature spirits ReArt Twoo
Housing of nature spirits is a work about how nature houses
our different souls in different bodies/houses.
Wether in shells, eggs, shells, seeds, etc.
On top is a spiral symbolizing the sun, and the web of life.
The work is made of dried nettles and other "recycled" nature materials.

My main artpage: http://www.hildeagabrun.no/kunst_art/index.html

My art in general is available also on these places, where some is for sale:
*AFC, Artists for conservation. Supporting nature through art
*Women Environmental Artists Directory *Amphibian art/www.amphibianark.org .
Min kunst er tilgjengelig, noen også for salg på overstående nettsider.