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Percentages of some of my artworks goes to nature conservation projects around the world: Through AFC www.natureartists.com Percentages of the sale of some of my toad and frog drawings/reproductions go to protection for amphibies of the world. Through Amphibian Ark.http://www.amphibianark.org
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My art can also be bought on www.2generations.dk

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I have an engagement with eco thematics. An eye for earths richness and multiplicity of lifeforms. Animals, plants, humans, elements. How we as living organisms mutually affect our existences.
Empathy and counsciousness towards nature works in symbiosis with my art. I am interested in paralell realities, different life forms realms. Creational processes.

"The wonders of life & creation" english artmagasin on my art.
The magical process of creating and creation.
from expo in Assisi 04

As life itself I am not static, but in continuous movement. But a wholeness can still be traced in my work. My soul weaves threads through the web: my art, reflecting my deeper consciousness. A sensing way of relating to the world reflects in my art.

Most of my pictures are made in pastel drawings. I also work with land art a.o. out in nature.

Contact and sale. Some of the works on these pages are for sale. If you have an interst in a work, you can contact the artist. If you have other questions concerning my art/exhibitions etc. I will gladly respond to the requests.

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Web of life, in source, kiss of life,
Web of life/in source/frogs

Organic- spirit meets body

Earth-mothers-lifegivers Overview:
earthmothers-insects, earthmothers-mammals, earthmothers plants,
earthmothers-elements, earthmothers-animals in our society

Animals/nature diverse, abstract nature, symbolic, Overview
Abstract landscape-pastel, abstract oil, abstract landskape acrylic, crow mandala, healing touch of nature/frogs, ravens, bears, moose/div.animals,
Landart Overview
Landart, nature projects:
Housing of nature spirits,
spiral labyrinth,
Huldra´s nest/sap fall,
budding source,
kunstfyret/naturens former,
midsummer_landart trillemarka,
juvet, nature communicating,
bear installation elvefestivalen,
the place in constant change,
for them life itself

Portraits, Overview
Portraits - womenportrait-
Portraits ancestry, Folk -

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