Jord-mødre - Dyr-
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Earth-mothers Animals. - pastell.
scroll for more pictures hilde aga brun hilde aga brun
xmoskus - musk
musemor - mother mouse hilde aga brun
ulvetider - wolfhours
huggorm mor - snake mother hilde aga brun
fugl og fisk - bird and fish
(real life situation
seen in and inspired from an old photo)

I isens vugge - in the cradle of ice frogs. hilde aga brun
frosker - frogs hilde aga brun
"naturens helende berøring-1998- del av jordmødreutstilling under
protestfestival i 2002
"The healing touch of nature" - part of earthmother exhibition in the protestfestival 2002 in Kristiansand. Is now in Drammen Museum
"blodsbånd" 1999- del av jordmødreutstilling under
"protestfestivalen" i 2002
"Blood-ties" - part of the earthmother exhibition in "the protestfestival"
2002 in Kristiansand